The choice of custom cabinets is competitive. There are other choices like refinishing, resurfacing, stock cabinets, pre-fabricated cabinets, and so on. However, if you are getting cabinets for the first time or the wood of your cabinets are beyond repair, the choices would be stock, pre-fabricated, and custom cabinets.

The stock cabinet is a readymade cabinet that is usually mass-produced. There is, however, a high-end stock cabinet that is produced for a small niche. The makers of pre-fabricated cabinets built a cabinet according to orders. Unlike stock cabinets, pre-fabricated cabinets allow you to choose your desired size, color and finish. Pre-fabricated cabinets, unlike stock cabinets, can be sent to you assembled.

Why go for a custom cabinet when I can order pre-fabricated cabinets? Well, that is true. A custom cabinet offer more choices and equally afford you to see the cabinet as it is being made. You have more control over the design of your cabinet if they are custom made. Despite the cost, labor intensiveness, and the time it takes to build a custom made cabinet, the numerous choices you can afford, make custom cabinet worthwhile.

Here are some of the choice that a custom cabinet affords you:

Design over Space: it is more likely to have a design of your choice without compromising space when you go for a custom design. Most stock cabinet, for instance, always comes in predesigned sizes, styles, and color. Most time, you get the color you are looking for, but it might not come in sizes suitable for your room or kitchen dimension. Also, most time, you get the size you need, but the design is not your style.

Layout and cooking styles: You alone know what your cooking style is. Therefore, you know which side hinges and knobs should be. Custom cabinets afford you to synch the layout of cabinets with your style.

Quality over mass production: The majority of stock cabinets are mass-produced; therefore, quality and taste are usually compromised. Stock cabinet manufacturers are more likely to use materials that maximize their profit; such materials are likely not to be sturdy enough for your need since they are designed for the masses. And you are looking for something specific to you.

Search over convenience:  It might be inappropriate to claim that you would never find a stock cabinet that fit your need and taste, as manufacturers are always trying to meet their customers’ need. However, the cost and the daunting task of shopping for what you need might not worth it after all. Therefore, designing custom cabinets afford you convenience and the cost of shopping.

Refinishing and Refacing: Refacing means changing the doors, knobs, and drawers of your cabinet, while refinishing changes the cabinet’s color or its finishing; these are the extra cost you might add if you decide to purchase a readymade cabinet rather than going for custom made.

Finally, you can spot errors or misalignment of demand while the custom cabinets are still under construction; this is also a way of avoiding avoidable costs.