5 kitchen trends to increase property value

Guest Post by Mandy Lee:

When planning a kitchen remodel, it is important to consider current trends. While not all trends stick around, there are options you can consider that will increase property value. This helps you to have more equity in your home as well as the potential to sell at a higher price point if you decide to move. So, what trends can help you update your kitchen and add value? With so many to choose from, we listed five below to get you started!

Using More Wood

From decorative items to furnishings and even architecture, wood is becoming more on-trend in the home. In the kitchen, you can easily add wood elements with shelving to a new table and chairs. However, if you want to make a huge impact that is on-trend and adds value to the space, consider faux wood beams. If your kitchen has the ceiling height, you can easily add in faux beams with a natural wood finish that will be eye-catching.

Beams can be added in a variety of ways, from single beams to a full wood-style ceiling. The options you have available will be dependent on the type of ceiling you have as well as how high the space is. The higher the ceiling, the more dramatic the installation can be!

Install Synthetic Countertops

Synthetic materials are highly popular in today’s remodeling of homes as they are environmentally friendly and are affordable. When remodeling your kitchen, you have several options for your installation needs. You could go with solid surface kitchen countertops, such as acrylic materials. You have durability and performance with an eco-friendly installation.

If you like the look of quartz, you can choose the material and create a unique look in the home such as a Quartz waterfall edge. The term waterfall edge is used to describe the countertop dropping down the side of the cabinet. This style is very popular and usually used at the end of kitchen cabinets or on an island.

Update Your Cabinets

When you have an older kitchen, you can add instant value by updating your cabinets. If you have the budget, installing a new set of cabinets is the best way to update the space and see a huge return on your investment. However, you also have other options. If your kitchen has a plywood design, you can repair any issues and paint the cabinets for a fresh look. With a new coat of paint and even new hardware, your kitchen can look brand new for very little money.

Natural Light

Every kitchen needs natural lighting. Windows or sliding doors are the best way to add an element of lighting from the sun to highlight the space. Kitchen windows work best when placed above the sink area, so anyone inside the space can look out and enjoy the view. Consider the windows in your kitchen. Could they benefit from remodeling?

Perhaps you could add larger windows to the kitchen to add in more natural lighting. You can choose a different style to create a design element in the kitchen or go for a super big installation for a lovely effect.


The flooring of your kitchen is also important. If the flooring is outdated linoleum or vinyl, consider something new. You can easily add tile to a kitchen or natural wood to create a space that is inviting and on-trend, increasing the overall value of your home. This is a more costly and time-consuming renovation, so be sure to budget your options to save the most money for the installation along with your other renovation plans.

By considering these tips, you can easily remodel your kitchen, staying on trend and seeing the value added to your property! 


Mandy Lee is a contributor to Innovative Green Building Materials. She is a blogger and a content writer for the building materials industry. Mandy is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.